Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Could You Spend A Little Time with Us?

May 14, 2024

"Could You Spend A Little Time
with Us?"

     There are some people who have the idea that they are too busy to spend a little time with The Lord JESUS CHRIST and Me every now and again. Oh, I hear all types of excuses on a daily basis, and these people do not truly realize what they are missing. Those who claim that they are too busy, need to also realize that in order to receive salvation, there needs to be a relationship with Us whenever possible. People will often come to the end of a day or week having had time for everything else except for spending some time with Us. It seems that some people just do not see spending time with Us as being all that important. I guess that also means they do not see their salvation as being too important either. As I often say, it is not My will that any should perish and end up in hell, but those who do not have time for Us, will more than likely end up on the road to hell.
     Therefore people, do not be counted among the ones who do not seem to have any time for Us, because you will not like where you will end up being at the end of your life. I am not asking for every minute of the day of your time, just enough for you to be able to get to know The Lord JESUS, The Holy Spirit, and Myself better. It will be very beneficial for you to get to know Us as much as possible and blessed are all of you who do. Some people think it is enough to just say a prayer every now and then and step foot in a Church every once in a great while. That My friend is not considered to be trying to know Us at all. Spending time means putting Us first on a daily basis at some point in the day and spending some quiet time with Us. There is nothing more important than that, and blessed are you who realize it, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Monday, May 13, 2024

Just Keep Holding On

May 13, 2024

"Just Keep Holding On"

     If My will was really done on earth as it is done in Heaven, that would mean there would be no sin, no pain, no hurts, no heartaches, no tears, and nothing else that is bad or hurtful while here on earth. But now listen, times such as that are still yet to come to this earth, but in the meantime, there is only prayer to try and keep things in line. I am well aware that many of you have been facing some very trying and hurtful times, and the worst thing that you can do is to lose faith and hope in these situations. As I stated a few messages ago, there are going to be some trials in most of your lives and even some tribulations, but fear not, because JESUS CHRIST has overcome this world. Some of you just might wonder what does JESUS CHRIST's overcoming this world has to do with you? Well, you see, if you are in CHRIST through The Holy Spirit, then JESUS CHRIST is also in you, which means that you too have overcome this world in and through Him
     Therefore My children in CHRIST, as long as you are waiting for things to get better in this world, just learn how to live this life with a measure of gratitude, hope, love, and faith. Always be aware of the fact that no matter how difficult things might become in your life, you will never be facing anything that happens to you all alone. We will always have your back no matter what you might have to face. Always be mindful of the fact that very few if any trials are ever easy or pleasant, but it is good to know that Greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world. Also remember that as a believer, you can do all things through CHRIST Who strengthens you. Now may you keep these things in mind, and blessed you will be for so doing, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.


Sunday, May 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day

May 12, 2024

"Happy Mother's Day"

     First of all My children, I would like to wish most of the mothers and mother figures on this day, a very happy and blessed Mother's Day. I have said most mothers simply because as some of you are aware, there are those who call themselves mothers, but who are only mothers because of having given birth to a child or children. But as far as the nurturing, the love, the concern, and the caring for the children is concerned, that job was left up to someone else to do. When I think of this day, I think of those who try to raise their children in a way that teaches them how to please, honor, and respect The Lord JESUS and Me. The true mothers of whom I am speaking are also those who try to instruct their children when it comes to the difference between what is right and what is wrong. They are usually strong women who will take on the role of being dad and mom when necessary to do so. They are also women who will care for and about children who might not even be their own, but they just want what is best for them.
     Again I say, Happy Mother's Day to any and all of you who fit the bill and who deserve it. One should take a minute to stop and reflect on the type of mother you might have had in your life. Was your mother concerned about your spiritual development or was she more concerned with the secularism of life? If she was a single mom, could you tell that she still cared about you and that she loved you, even though she might have had to work more than one job just to make ends meet? Did your mom try to teach you the difference between right and wrong, even though you might not have listened to her every time she tried to get your attention to do the right thing? These are indeed strong women who have been called to be mothers on this Mother's Day and blessed she truly is for being such a woman. Let her light shine bright in everyone's life that she touches, and blessed she will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Saturday, May 11, 2024

When Your Days Are Diificult

May 11, 2024

"When Your Days Are Difficult"

     Practically anyone who has ever lived has had their good days, their okay days, and most definitely their bad days. Anyone who says that every single day of their life has been great has obviously not lived a very long life. As you who have read My Word will remember what JESUS said in John 16:33, I have told you all this so that you may have peace in Me. Here on earth, you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world. As a matter of fact, there are different trials all through My Word, but in every case, The Lord JESUS and I have been with those who have faced them. Nowhere in My Word did I ever promise anyone a rose garden, and it would do some people good to remember that fact. The way one is able to cope with the difficult times in life really depends upon how one chooses to look at and approach life, never forgetting the fact that they are not alone, because We are with them every step of the way.
     Therefore children of Mine in CHRIST, when it seems that your days might have taken a turn for the worst, fear not, for We are still right there with you. Be sure that as long as you have faith as tiny as a mustard seed, things will begin to turn around in your life. Know too that even though things might appear to be dark for the moment, there will always be light in the morning. And if not in the morning, it will not be too far behind. Whenever it seems that your life has taken a difficult turn and you are unable to see around the corner, remember that the power of The Holy Spirit will comfort you and see you through. The child of Mine is more than a conqueror through CHRIST, and each of you needs to recognize that truth. Now may each of you find the strength to persevere, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Friday, May 10, 2024

For Those Who Love the Truth

May 10, 2024

"For Those Who Love the Truth"

     Those who often hear only what they want to hear, will very often end up being deceived and/or misled in this life. They end up being deceived or misled because they only want to hear those things that will tickle their ears, while everything else is ignored when what they end up ignoring is more important than what has tickled their ears. As many of you know, there are people who, when you try to expose them to the truth about something, they really do not want to hear it. It is almost as if such people love having stoppers in their ears and blindfolds over their eyes. Such are they as well who will tend to dispute the truth if it is not what they want to hear. There will be a day when these people will be wishing that they would have heard the truth that was trying to be presented to them. All they need to do is to seek out and be receptive to receiving the truth.
     Now, from this day forth oh children of Mine in CHRIST, do not be or become a person who runs away from truth whenever it is presented to you. Do not always be so quick to look for the next big thing that can tickle your ears, because it just might not have anything at all to do with the truth. There are too many people who have been left scarred, hurt, and damaged because of untruths that have been said and/or circulated about them, and shame on those who would do such a thing to another. There is something beautiful when I see and hear those who love the truth, for such is what The Kingdom of Heaven is made of. As you who love truth will realize, truth is what The Lord JESUS built His Ministry around. If He said something, you could write it down, because it was considered truth, and writing it down is what many people did do. If it came from the mouth of JESUS CHRIST, you could take it to the bank so to speak. Well now, blessed are any of you who love the truth, and who seek truth wherever you go, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.


Thursday, May 09, 2024

Stop Being Mean to Your Loved Ones

May 09, 2024

"Stop Being Mean to Your Loved Ones"

     Some of you are faced with a truly big problem these days, and that problem concerns being able to be nice to those who seem to love you the most. The first question you need to seriously consider is, are you able to say that you love those individuals back who love you, and do you love them in the same way that they love you? Now I know that not everyone can return another's love the same, or even care about them the same as they do you. I do know this, it is much better to be honest with yourself as well as to the other people who might be involved. I know there are days when you just might not want to be disturbed, or that you do not want to have to contend with certain people at a particular time, and that is not all that unusual. As any of you who have read My Word will know, even The Lord JESUS had to steal away and get off to Himself at times, but that did not mean that He did not love any of you, because He most certainly did.
     So all I am really asking of you today is, to be honest with yourself and with those who love and care about you. I see people every day who have been or are being hurt because of how they have been or are being treated by someone who is supposed to love them. Many are also being hurt because of how they are being spoken to and/or mistreated by someone who is supposed to love them. I know that not everyone will feel the same about someone else all of the time, I just do not want any of you to be mean to one another because there is so much of that taking place in the secular world. Loving others is not an easy thing to do at times, or else everyone would be doing it. But let Me also say this, you do not have to be mean to others either, as many of you have been. The power to not be mean to others is definitely in you if you are a child of Mine in CHRIST and have The Holy Spirit living within you. Just learn how to allow more of The Spirit to shine in and through you and less of the flesh. Now may your love for others begin to be seen, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.


Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Being Your Best

May 08, 2024

"Being Your Best"

     Some people spend so much time worrying and being concerned about every little thing under the sun so to speak, until they have very little time to just enjoy the life with which they have been blessed. Also, most of the things over which they find themselves being concerned about, of course, there is very little they can do anything about. There are also those who are angry about the simple things in life until they have trouble finding any peace, joy, or happiness in their life. Some people tend to believe that everyone is against or out to get them, or if the people are not, then almost nothing seems to go their way. They are usually the type of people who love to use words such as never, cannot, and always. They are often not very optimistic about life in general, and they will usually have a difficult time seeing anything that is good and positive, even when it is staring them in the face. These are people who wake up every morning just waiting for or expecting the next bad thing to happen to them, or to someone they love, and that is such a sad way to live life.
     Now listen children of Mine in CHRIST, you should always be expecting something good, if not the best, things in life because of Whose child you are. Your Heavenly Father is more than capable of doing the impossible on your behalf, and you really need to believe that truth. My children should be some of the most positive people there are around, because of Who your GOD is. The Lord JESUS CHRIST never walked around being and speaking negatively about anything, even though He was often being threatened, trying to be deceived, being talked about, and lied on at every turn. The only sadness JESUS really ever felt was for other people because of their ignorance and their blindness to the truth of Who He was. And even though He knew what was going to happen to Him once He was born, He was never heard complaining or wishing that He had not been born. Oh yes, He could have stayed right here with Me, yet He decided to be born, persecuted, called names, spit upon, abused, and be crucified for each and every one of your sins. Now may you live and be the best you can be, in and through His Holy and Most Precious Name.


Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Do Not Despair

May 07, 2024

"Do Not Despair"

     In John 10:10 JESUS states,  The thief’s purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. There are many people who are obviously and definitely on the side of the thief, and that is evident every single day. Who is this thief you might ask? Well, he is the devil, satan, the prince of darkness, lucifer, along with a few other choice names for him as well. Now, speaking of the devil, you would be surprised to know that this thief has many unwitting helpers, and because of their ignorance, they often run around stealing, killing, and destroying, with many of them getting a kick out of the evil they perpetrate on others. Too many of these people are just blindly following along, not realizing that such antics could lead them straight down the steps to hell. This is also another example of how ignorance could help lead the way to disaster. People live and die, and what they do in between is what will determine where they spend eternity.
     Therefore My children, learn to ignore, resist, and/or turn your back on the thief or the evil one. As you have often seen, he mainly tries to keep those who are doing his will in a pretty happy and satisfied state of being. Because they are already in his camp so to speak, he tries to keep them right where they are. That is why you will often see those who practice evil getting away with things for a little while, until that is, I decide to do something about it. There are even times when the devil will lose some who come to their senses and open their eyes and hearts and repent of the evil they have been perpetrating on others. That is one of the reasons why some of the evil people you might see, are allowed to just keep on living. Since it is not My will that anyone should perish, I allow them to keep on living, because I know how, when, and where The Holy Spirit will bring them on over to My side. Sometimes, those that seem to be the most hopeless, end up becoming some of My better converts. So blessed are you who are already on My side, and blessed are you who are yet to come, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Monday, May 06, 2024

Do Not Let Evil Use You

May 06, 2024

"Do Not Let Evil Use You"

     More and more these days, I am beginning to separate the chaff from the wheat, the good from the evil, and the righteous from the unrighteous. As you look around for yourself, you can see certain things beginning to take place around the world. You are able to see many people who are filled with so much hatred, doing their best to hate as much and as often as they can. Those who are filled with unforgiveness are tending to forgive less and less every day. Oh My beloved children, the evil one, satan, is truly busy doing what he can and using those that he can to perpetrate as much evil in as many places as he can. He is busy using those who are ignorant as to what My Word says, because they are the easiest to manipulate and control. Also, if you would notice, he is able to use a lot of young people as well, and it is primarily because of their inability to rationalize and to be able to think logically apart from their emotions which are often misdirected.
     So as you take a good look around at your world these days, tread lightly and be well aware of your surroundings. There will be certain areas of the world, a city, a town, or even a neighborhood, in which you might find yourselves, where you should maintain your focus. Evil lurks in all sorts of dark corners, and these days, evil is not necessarily confined to the dark corners. More and more it seems that evil is being seen out in the open, especially when it comes to many of the young people. It is so sad to see what ignorance can do to supposedly intelligent people, especially when evil is involved. As you look around, young lives and their futures are being affected by the evil and the hatred that is being shown and spewed out by them, and all because of what they are allowing evil to do with them and their misguided emotions. What so many people need these days is a knowledge of the truth about Who The Lord JESUS CHRIST truly is and can be in their lives. Now may these people be led to that truth as soon as possible, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Sunday, May 05, 2024

There Is Only One Judge

May 05, 2024

"There Is Only One Judge"

     There are indeed many people who might agree that certain people who hurt and murder people should go to hell, but hardly anyone would think that some little old lady who never hurt anyone would deserve to go to hell. No, My friends, obviously mankind does not see nor judge things as JESUS and I do, and that is where so much confusion concerning such things begins. Most people often tend to forget the fact that JESUS CHRIST and I do not judge using the same criteria as does mankind, because mankind is more interested in what people do rather than in Who a person knows. That is not to say that what a person does is not important, but the doing is not the most important thing when compared to Whom the person knows and loves. Now of course The Who I am talking about is The Lord JESUS CHRIST and Me, which is above anything anyone might say and/or do, and blessed are they who understand that fact.
     From this day forth My darling children, do not be so quick to presume that you know who might be going where at the end of their life. When it comes down to it, The Lord JESUS CHRIST will be The One Who decides who goes where anyway. It is The Lord JESUS Who gave His life as a sacrifice for all of you who would believe and receive Him as your Lord and Savior. That is why many that mankind might think should be going to one place just might end up going somewhere completely different. Always keep in mind just Who I am, because obviously there are many who tend to forget just who IGOD, am on most days anyway. Yes, My children, there are going to be some shocked people when judgment day arrives, so do not be one trying to be a little judge while here on earth, because guess what, many who you might think should make it will not, while those who you might think should not, will make it. So just be sure that you and yours know The Who, Who will save you, in JESUS' Most Holy and Gracious Name.


Saturday, May 04, 2024

Prayer Power

May 04, 2024

"Prayer Power"

     It is indeed very true that prayer is a wonderful and very powerful arsenal for a person to use, and it can be used as a weapon or as a blessing. Prayer can also be used to heal someone when needed. James 5:16 says, Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. And then in the following verse, it talks about Elijah being a man with a nature like ours, who after praying earnestly that it would not rain, it did not rain for three and one-half years. You cannot or should not go before GOD in prayer without the help of The Spirit of course, because it is through The Spirit that righteousness is found. Prayer is more serious than a lot of people choose to believe, and blessed are those who have chosen to believe in its magnificent power to move and change things.
     Now from this day forth My children, be or become one who does take the power of prayer seriously. Also, be mindful of the fact that you should never come before The Father with evil intentions and/or an impure heart. Too many people have come before Me with their evil intentions and impure hearts, thinking that I am going to honor their prayers, but then what type of GOD would that make Me if I did do such a thing? It would do My heart good to see more people beginning to pray, and to do so with righteous hearts and with the best of intentions. You see, it is not the amount of words used in prayer that matters, or even how correct one's grammar is in prayer, but rather the condition of the heart from which the prayer is coming. Remember, prayer is indeed a lovely, wonderful, and powerful tool and/or arsenal that anyone has, and blessed are all of you who learn to use it properly. Now may you be one such person, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.


Being Sick and Tired of Evil

May 03, 2024

"Being Sick and Tired of Evil"

     As I look upon My creation these days and where sin has caused it to go, it becomes more and more difficult to allow this present dispensation to exist. I will tell you now, if not for what My Only Begotten Son had accomplished on the cross, I would have long ago put an end to the evil that exists around this world. Almost everywhere I turn I see evil where there should not be any. I am seeing evil in the hearts of men and women and even little children, which of course most of the time the children were taught evil by some evil adult. I see evil in the Churches, the evil that is supposedly in institutions of higher learning, and of course evil in many so-called good homes. And many of those homes where evil exists are supposedly homes of people who claim to be children of Mine in CHRIST. Of course, I also see evil in the highest reaches of the government, proving the fact that there is indeed evil in high places. There is also evil in the media, which is the cause of a lot of unrest in the world, and in the hearts of those who are easily persuaded.
     Therefore children of Mine in CHRIST, you should give thanks daily for each and every day that you are allowed to live, because, with so much evil around, it has truly become a stench in My nostrils, figuratively speaking. As I stated earlier, everyone who has any sense whatsoever should be so thankful for what The Lord JESUS CHRIST has accomplished for them through His shed blood and sacrifice on the cross. If not for His sacrifice, I would venture to say, that this world would have been wiped out long ago. There is so much evil in the world as I have said, and blessed are all of you who do your best to resist the evil in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior. So many times people have done and/or said things that they knew were wrong, yet they did and/or said them anyway without even trying to resist. Be who you should be therefore as a child of Mine in CHRIST, and blessed you will surely be, in His Most Precious and Holy Name.


Thursday, May 02, 2024

Being Content

May 02, 2024

"Being Content"

     A lot of people live each day not being able to be content in life, and it is usually because of not being able to have something that is being offered by the world. No matter how often someone hears about not storing up treasure here on earth, but rather storing it in Heaven, they are still feeling left out because of not having something that the world offers. Too many people often feel as if they have been left out in the cold so to speak, simply because once again, they are missing something that they do not have, and it is something that the world offers. It is a shame to see so many of My children not being able to be content as Paul learned to be. Paul had learned to be content whether he had a little or a lot, and any of you could learn to be the same way if you could just learn to keep your heart and eyes on the Heavenly prize.
     Therefore My children, please learn to appreciate those things which are truly important in this life. I realize there are those among you who might have wished that you had more money, or just some money at all. Some of you want a better job or better pay, maybe a better home, or even a better automobile to drive. But now let Me ask you; which of these things do you think that you can take with you when I call your number? Only that which you have built up in Heaven will count for anything, and more of you need to remember that fact. Sad to say, the worldly things in life do not impress Me in the least, and neither will they impress you when you realize what is truly important. Tell Me, how is your love for Me, JESUS CHRIST, and for others going? How is your learning to be a learner and a follower of JESUS CHRIST going for you? And how is loving your neighbor as yourself going? These are the things that truly matter My beloved children, and blessed are you who realize that, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Do Not Worry About What GOD Is Doing in Your Life

May 01, 2024

"Do Not Worry About What GOD
Is Doing in Your Life"

     I realize there are times when life can seem somewhat complicated, especially when it comes to some of you trying to figure out what I might be doing in your life. When you really sit down and think about it, you have limited knowledge about Heavenly things, yet you are trying to figure out an Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and All-Knowing GOD, and what He or I am doing in your life. So very often I do see some of you being troubled by the way certain things are progressing in your life. A lot of you become confused about the direction your life has taken, and you begin to wonder if I or We even care anymore. Some of you become all upset and worried over certain problems in your life, and you want to know what your Heavenly Father is doing. Well, let Me say this, I do not think that I owe any of you an explanation or have to check with any of you about My plans, and you would do good to remember that fact.
     Now know this My children, your main responsibility as far as knowing or trying to figure out what I am doing in your life, is to trust and have faith in Who I am and in what I am able to do. Much too often in the lives of those who have claimed to be Mine, fear has been allowed to take over their lives. I should not have to go around reassuring those of you who claim to be Mine in CHRIST, but because they do often allow fear to creep in, I have to spend time reassuring those that I should not have to. It would be so nice if more people could just relax and figure that no matter what, my Heavenly Father is on the job and He is at work on my behalf. Faith, faith, faith, are the magic words of the day, along with the trust that goes along with that faith. Now may you keep that magic word in mind whenever fear tries to creep in on you, and blessed you will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Have You Questioned Your Salvation?

April 30,2024

"Have You Questioned Your Salvation"

     There are those who sometimes wonder about the state of their salvation, well here are some questions to ask yourself. Some will often wonder if they are among the group who are Heaven bound or not if they were to die today. Some people tend to worry themselves to death almost, about such things when it is relatively easy to determine when you really think about it. For one thing, is JESUS CHRIST the most important Person in your life since you found out what He did for you on the cross? Have you become one who has tried to live according to His and My Words since you have supposedly become a believer? Is it your heart's desire to let JESUS CHRIST become Lord and not just Savior of and in your life? Have you found yourself desiring to know as much about Us as you can, and to keep Us in your heart at all times? Have you begun to view the way you used to be in your life in a different light since you have given your life to The Lord JESUS? In other words My beloved, have you been born again of the Spirit?
     So when and if you give some thought to these questions My precious ones, what would your answers be? Are you one who would say that you can take The Lord JESUS or forget Him? If JESUS CHRIST is just a passing thought to or for you every now and then, you had better think again about whether or not you are indeed saved. If you are not ever interested in hearing My Word or interested in trying to live a better life than you used to live based on My Word, then you had better think again if you are saved or not. How can you say that you love someone and never want to spend any time with them, or never have a desire to want to know more about them or want to get closer to them? Therefore My friends, think seriously about whether you really do love The Lord JESUS CHRIST and Me as you say, and you will know more about whether or not you are saved, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.


Monday, April 29, 2024

We Truly Do Care About You

April 29, 2024

"We Truly Do Care About You"

     Some people who live almost every single day in some measure of pain have a hard time believing that The Lord JESUS and I really do care. The same thing applies to those who have a hard time thinking and/or believing that We care when some people have nothing to eat, hardly anything to wear, or not even any place to call home or lay their heads. You can also find those who have been incarcerated and are innocent of the crime of which they have been accused thinking that We do not care. On the other hand, there are those who are guilty of all kinds of sins, yet the world gives them all adulation over what the world thinks is important, but rarely are such things important in My world. As most of you should realize by now, much of what the world loves and deems as being important, means very little to nothing to JESUS CHRIST and Myself, and blessed are those of you who realize that fact.
     Now I have mentioned these things today My beloved, in an attempt to get those who are Mine in CHRIST to realize that even though you might be dealing with suffering right now, The Lord JESUS and I sincerely do care about what you are facing. Now there are those among you who will receive whatever is needed in your present situation to try and make things better for you. I want you all to realize that nothing is impossible to and/or for Us, so keep the faith. Of course, you know there are times when Our answer to some of you might be to wait and be patient, and for others of you, it might be, soon, and still, for others of you it might be wait until you see Us on the other side. I never want any of you to think that We do not care about your plight, because We most certainly do care and that We always will. I realize that it can be difficult sometimes while you are waiting for an answer, but just have faith that in one way or another, We are always faithful. So now may your faith in Us hold to the end, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.


Sunday, April 28, 2024

Be Aware of How You Live Life

April 28, 2024

"Be Aware of How You Live Life"

     It is indeed too bad that a lot of unbelievers who truly need the salvation that comes through The Lord JESUS CHRIST, find themselves on the outside looking in all because of many so-called Christians that they have known. Many people just do not realize the lives they might be affecting in life, some for the good and some for the bad. It would do a person good to remember that someone is forever watching them, and/or are always listening to what they are saying. A lot of the unbelievers have been watching and listening to the wrong group of Christians from which to make their decision to come to The Lord JESUS CHRIST. Some believers tend to show unbelievers the wrong type of Christianity, totally turning people off on wanting to become a Christian and know Who The Lord JESUS really is, and that is so sad and too bad that tends to happen, especially if someone is in desperate need of salvation.
     Now therefore My beloved, remember that you can be being watched and/or listened to any time and any place of the day or night. There are a lot of Christians who are still stuck in legalism when JESUS CHRIST has come to set them free from both the bondage of sin and legalism. So many Christians also tend to be so sour and gloomy, that even I would have trouble desiring to want to come to and know CHRIST JESUS. Many of them tend to be absent of any peace, joy, or any form of happiness in their lives. Oh, they say that they are Christians, but there is never any exhibition of faith in their lives. They walk around whining, griping, and complaining as much or more than those who do not even know CHRIST JESUS. Remember this from Hebrews 11:1, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen. Know therefore that no matter what might come your way, We are more than capable of handling it, and blessed you will be for so believing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Saturday, April 27, 2024

Stop All of the Quarreling

April 27, 2024

"Stop All of the Quarreling"

     As many of you have seen, in this world today, there are a lot of modern-day Pharisees who just love to put down and ridicule other people. Oh yes, there are many who tend to beat their chests with pride, symbolically speaking, proclaiming how good and righteous they are when compared to someone else. Oh, they do tend to be very good at pointing out someone else's failings and/or shortcomings, while they never really bother about their own. It would do such people well to remember what JESUS said in Matthew 7:2-4, For with what judgment you judge, you will also be judged. And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, let me remove the speck from your eye; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Also, in 1st Samuel, Chapters 24-26 talks about not attacking the Lord's anointed, so if I were some of you, I would be very careful about who I was attacking.
     Therefore My children, those who are of the world seem to always be running around attacking and accusing one another, which is something that should not be happening in the family of JESUS CHRIST. There is way too much back-biting and sniping going on among so many of My children, and a lot of it is being born out of jealousy, envy, and even a little covetousness, which are all things I cannot and will not abide for long. There is much to be said about those who think that they are so much better than someone else when My Word has tried to make it clear that no one person is perfect and without sin, which is why there is the need for The Lord JESUS CHRIST. Now of course, the main message should be as it says in John 14:6, that JESUS CHRIST is The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and no one comes to The Father except through Him. Therefore My beloved children, stop behaving like the world behaves, and blessed you will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.


Friday, April 26, 2024

Resisting Anger

April 26, 2024

"Resisting Anger"

     Listen, My children, there are those among you who have yet to get a handle on your anger problem, and that is something you need to learn to let JESUS CHRIST help you with any time of the day or night. I have seen some of you become angry over some of the most inconsequential things, even to the point of wanting to hurt someone at times. There are those among you as well who become angry just because someone has looked at you in a way that you did not appreciate. Some people just tend to walk around with a proverbial chip on their shoulder, daring someone to knock it off who has not done anything at all to them. There are also many among you who become angry over or about a certain thing, and before you know it, all kinds of foul language begins spewing from the very same mouth that was used to bless and praise Me, and this should not ever be the case.
     From this day forth My beloved, try to be a person who does not allow anger to get the best of you. There is absolutely no reason why anger should get the best of you to the point that you cannot control it. If you would learn to allow The Lord JESUS to truly lead and guide you in this life, He will also be able to help you with that anger problem. I am not saying that you do not or will never have a reason to be angry, because even The Lord JESUS had His moments of righteous anger. What I am talking about is a fit of uncontrolled anger, an anger that leads to sin. As My Word says in Ephesians 4:26, “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, 27 nor give place to the devil. Stop getting angry just because someone sneezes, coughs, laughs, or has done anything at all that you deem to be offensive. Now listen, may each of you who are Mine learn what it means to have self-discipline, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.


Thursday, April 25, 2024

Always Being Thankful

April 25, 2024

"Always Being Thankful"

     Oh how easy it can be to praise The Lord and give thanks when everything tends to be going good in your life, and there seems to be no obstacles whatsoever in your way. Oh yes, My children, when you find that you and your loved ones seem to be in good health, praising The Lord and giving thanks is not very hard to do. When you can meet your financial obligations and there is no one bothering you about needing to pay your bills on time or needing to try to pay them at all, then praising The Lord and giving thanks is still pretty easy to do. And when you have been blessed enough to have a roof over your head and the ability to be warm in the winter and to be cool in the summer, it is easy to praise The Lord and give thanks as you lay down each night in your nice comfortable bed. Oh, and just think, those of you who believe that it is necessary to have a vehicle to drive, are pleased when that vehicle is running well without giving you any problems, and find it easy to praise The Lord and give thanks.
     Now I have mentioned these things today My children, because things do not always go well as many of you have discovered. If you can only be thankful and praise Me when things are going well, then you are missing the whole point of being a learner and a follower of JESUS CHRIST. The Lord JESUS certainly did have His share of problems, even to the point of being crucified for the sins of the world, and He was completely innocent. Now just how many of you can make that claim? Know this, it is not so unusual that a person will praise and give thanks when everything is going well, but can you do the same praising and giving thanks when things are not going so well at all? He or she who has learned how to be content in the worst of times are those who are definitely maturing spiritually. Babies will want to whine and cry about every hardship they are having to face, and that is where a lot of people find themselves today. Now may you be an exception as far as being a baby is concerned, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.


Wednesday, April 24, 2024

All Is Not Lost

April 24, 2024

"All Is Not Lost"

     I realize there are many of you who truly wish to try and do the right things as you live this life, but for whatever reason you just cannot seem to succeed. It is much the same thing that Paul also wrestled with when he talked about not being able to do that which he wanted to do, and doing that which he did not want to do, so that none of you who have ever failed are not alone. The main thing to derive from this is that no one is perfect of course, so you will all have a chance at success as long as you try to put The Lord JESUS first in your life. There are many of you as well who think that because you do fail sometimes, I will no longer accept you, but you could not be more wrong about that. As The Lord JESUS said, it is those who realize that they are sinners and need Him who do good and not those who think that they are already perfect. Blessed are all of you who realize that you need The Savior JESUS CHRIST in your life.
     Now listen My children, just in case it might have slipped your minds, remember that I do know the hearts of every man and woman. Because I do know everyone's heart, I know whether or not they had intentions to do what was good and/or right but just fell short of accomplishing it. Many of you have been way too hard on yourselves because of not being able to stay holy and righteous as you planned or desired to do. You then have those who do not even care enough to feel bad about their inability to be who they should be as a believer in CHRIST JESUS, and they are the ones who should be concerned about the path they are on. As long as your heart's desire is to do, or at least try to do My will, then MY children, you do not have to worry. As I stated before, it is those who do not seem to give a hoot who should be concerned about their futures. Now may you who truly love The Lord JESUS be blessed in every way, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Waiting for the Return of JESUS CHRIST

April 23, 2024

"Waiting for the Return

     With every day that passes, it just means that it is that much closer to JESUS CHRIST's return. I know that to mankind, it has been over two thousand years since the expectation of CHRIST's return, but do not be fooled by His being slow to return. Lest anyone forget what Peter had said, a day to Me is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day. This is only strange from mankind's point of view while it is not unusual at all to Me or to Us. Therefore My little ones, as you can see, The Lord JESUS CHRIST has not been back here with Me but for a few days. I realize that it might be difficult for some of you to accept that truth, but nevertheless, fact is fact. People are moving around this world with very little expectation of the return of The Lord JESUS CHRIST, which is not very smart at all.
     Now listen to Me My children, keep yourselves prepared for His return at all times, because His return could be at any time of the day or night. Now of course everyone will see His return, but not everyone will be coming back Here with Him. There are a lot of people who have become complacent these days, to the point that they are not even looking for CHRIST's return any longer. Some, in fact, have even gotten to the point where they are not even believing in JESUS CHRIST's existence, and that is a dangerous thing to believe. I have been trying to allow as many people as possible to come to the knowledge of the truth of The Gospel of CHRIST. I am also giving mankind a chance to be better than they have been these days before the return of JESUS CHRIST. Now may you who are truly Mine, continue to believe and to look for CHRIST's return, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.


Monday, April 22, 2024

Letting JESUS Have the Reins

April 22, 2024

"Letting JESUS Have the Reins"

     Some of the wisest individuals there are in this world are those who have decided to truly make JESUS CHRIST The Lord of their lives. Oh, there are many who say they believe they have received Him as being their Savior, but so few of these have truly made Him Lord in and of their life. It is so difficult for men and women to relinquish absolute control to Someone Whom they have trouble seeing and/or hearing. Even if they could see and/or hear Him, it would still be difficult for most men and women to give up being the boss in and of their lives. Mankind in general, hates letting someone else do the leading and guiding as far as their lives are concerned. The thing people should realize is, that The Lord JESUS CHRIST will always want to do whatever is in a person's best interest, even though the individual might not completely understand at the moment what is happening, and that is where faith comes into the picture.
     So now listen to Me, all of you who claim to be children of Mine in CHRIST, learn how to truly submit unto your Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST in all things. If you would just learn how to relinquish your life unto Him, there will be the most beautiful thing ever to occur in your life. Believe it or not My children, The Lord JESUS does not want to harm you in any way, He only wants to bless you with life, and life that you might have more abundantly. Too many of you are afraid that you will have to give up some of your so-called pleasures. Well now listen, if you do have to give up some so-called pleasure, JESUS CHRIST will surely make sure that it or they will be replaced with something much much better. Now, not all of your so-called pleasures are good or holy, and I sincerely hope that you realize that fact. Therefore, never be afraid of giving yourself over to The Lord JESUS and allowing Him to truly be the Lord of your life, and blessed you will be for so doing, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.


Sunday, April 21, 2024

Making JESUS CHRIST First in Your Life

April 21, 2024

"Making JESUS CHRIST First
in Your Life"

     As a believer in JESUS CHRIST, the most important thing you can or will ever do is,  get as close to JESUS CHRIST as you possibly can. Many of you have heard this suggestion before I know, but too few of you ever really do it. There are those who try to act as if they are interested in getting close to The Lord JESUS, but they are too ignorant to realize that I am not mocked. Those who are truly serious about getting close or closer to CHRIST JESUS will surely be known for the fruit they are producing. I cannot stress enough just how important it is to be dependent on The Lord JESUS and allow Him to become your Best Friend as well as your Lord and Savior. Now, of course, you will have those who see The Lord JESUS as being The GOD Who is only needed in certain situations and under certain conditions, which again is an ignorant way of looking at things. Wise is the person who realizes that JESUS CHRIST should be The Most Important part of a person's life.
     Now listen My children in CHRIST, allow yourselves to be one of the wise individuals, by recognizing your need for leaning on The Lord JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST is The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and those who are smart enough to depend on Him will surely not be disappointed. According to Proverb 16:25, There is always a way that seems right to man, but the end thereof is death. Too many people tend to become caught up in the temporary pleasures of this life than they are in and with their place in CHRIST JESUS. It is not so much the fact that I mind anyone liking and being interested in other things, it becomes a problem when those other things become more important than The Lord JESUS CHRIST in their life. He or she who cannot seem to put JESUS CHRIST first and foremost in their life had better think again just how important He is to them. What if you were barely even a blip on the radar of JESUS CHRIST's life, how would you feel? Now may the way you feel about The Lord JESUS begin to change, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.


Saturday, April 20, 2024


April 20, 2024

"When JESUS CHRIST Returns"

     There are many who have either forgotten the fact that The Lord JESUS is going to return again one day, or they do not even believe that He is coming back at all. In either case, such a belief is pure foolishness and oh-so ignorant. As My Word says, before the return of The Lord JESUS, things will be as it was in Noah's day before the flood. Oh yes, people will most certainly be partying, drinking to excess, cheating, lying, murdering, and doing all sorts of other sins, never expecting that The Lord JESUS is returning for His Bride, which is of course, The Church of His Believers. There will be many who will not be ready of course, because they will have not been expecting Him when He does come. He has already said that even He did not know when He would return, so wise are they who keep themselves ready to go at any time.
     Blessed are those of you who have kept the faith and who have been waiting for The Lord JESUS to return. There were a few examples that JESUS mentioned of people not being ready to go Home, so it would be a shame if some of you who are reading this message today were not in that number. When JESUS does return, many will not be with the person they should be with at the time, or they will be doing things that they should not be doing. The Lord JESUS CHRIST has given people enough warnings so that they should be ready when He returns, it is just a matter of whether or not they have heard or have listened to what He has said. As you know, one can hear without really listening to what is being said, and there are many who are sailing on that ship today. Listen therefore you who say that you are Mine, and be always ready to come Home no matter what time of the day or night JESUS CHRIST returns. Blessed you will be for being ready, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name. 


Friday, April 19, 2024

Being Learners and Followers of JESUS CHRIST

April 19, 2024

"Being Learners and Followers 

     Blessed are all of you who would rather listen to, obey, and follow The Lord JESUS CHRIST, rather than do the same with mankind. The Lord JESUS CHRIST is the same yesterday, today, and as He will also be tomorrow. You never have to concern yourself or worry that JESUS CHRIST will change in His nature and/or His ways as so many men and women often do. To follow The Lord JESUS means to follow Someone Who will never lie to you and nor will He ever mislead you. It also means to follow Someone Who is willing to have your best interest at heart. As many of you know, mankind is very often only interested in what can make them feel good and/or important. There are many of you whose desire is to truly become a learner and a follower of The Lord JESUS CHRIST, which does in fact make JESUS and I very proud indeed.
     Now, I say this again, bless those of you who would rather listen to, obey, and follow The Lord JESUS CHRIST rather than to just follow mankind. There are many men and women who have some good qualities for sure, but none of them can, and nor will they ever compare to The Lord JESUS. As many of you can attest, you can always trust The Lord JESUS to keep His Word, whereas that cannot always be said about any man or woman. The Lord JESUS can of course do a myriad of things that mere men and women cannot possibly do. It is My desire to see as many of you as possible become learners and followers of The Lord JESUS CHRIST, which will also enable more of you to be able to enter through the narrow gate. Mankind is so good at lying, cheating, murdering, and doing harm to one another, which are all things that JESUS CHRIST will never ever do. Now may good and wonderful things be to you who do become learners and followers of JESUS CHRIST, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.


Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Hatred and Ignorance that Blinds

April 18, 2024

"The Hatred and Ignorance that Blinds"

     If you take note of what has been transpiring in many areas around the world these days, you will notice there are a lot of people who have allowed their hate and ignorance to take over their lives. The truly sad thing tends to be is, that many of these hate-filled ignorant individuals think that they are on the right side of things, but they are definitely not. As Hosea 4:6 says, My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge, and mainly because they do not know Me. Now of course not all of these hateful, evil, ignorant people are Mine, but those who are, have been misled and are listening to the wrong people. Many are listening to the wrong voice, and consequently have ended up taking the wrong path, which is leading them straight down the road to hell. Another sad thing I see occurring is that a lot of these misguided individuals are young and very impressionable, which again is placing them on that highway to hell, behaving like sheep following the wrong shepherd.
     As The Lord JESUS tried to make clear in Matthew 18:14, Even so, it is not the will of your Father Who is in Heaven that one of these little ones should perish. What is the ignorance of which I have been speaking you might ask? It is the ignorance of being on the wrong side of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Those of you who have come to believe that Hamas and many of the Palestinians are in the right, are obviously misguided by your hatred for the Nation of Israel. Anyone who cannot see that the horrible and cowardly act of attacking Israel was definitely wrong, has allowed their hatred for the Nation of Israel to cloud their minds, eyes, ears, and intelligence. You should know that Hamas is being directed by satan, the prince of darkness himself, and woe to those of you who refuse to see it. Just know this people, I, Almighty Jehovah, will not allow the Nation of Israel to be defeated, no matter how many turn their backs on Her. I will bless those who bless Her and curse those who curse Her, and everyone should keep that fact in mind, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.