Thursday, April 25, 2024

Always Being Thankful

April 25, 2024

"Always Being Thankful"

     Oh how easy it can be to praise The Lord and give thanks when everything tends to be going good in your life, and there seems to be no obstacles whatsoever in your way. Oh yes, My children, when you find that you and your loved ones seem to be in good health, praising The Lord and giving thanks is not very hard to do. When you can meet your financial obligations and there is no one bothering you about needing to pay your bills on time or needing to try to pay them at all, then praising The Lord and giving thanks is still pretty easy to do. And when you have been blessed enough to have a roof over your head and the ability to be warm in the winter and to be cool in the summer, it is easy to praise The Lord and give thanks as you lay down each night in your nice comfortable bed. Oh, and just think, those of you who believe that it is necessary to have a vehicle to drive, are pleased when that vehicle is running well without giving you any problems, and find it easy to praise The Lord and give thanks.
     Now I have mentioned these things today My children, because things do not always go well as many of you have discovered. If you can only be thankful and praise Me when things are going well, then you are missing the whole point of being a learner and a follower of JESUS CHRIST. The Lord JESUS certainly did have His share of problems, even to the point of being crucified for the sins of the world, and He was completely innocent. Now just how many of you can make that claim? Know this, it is not so unusual that a person will praise and give thanks when everything is going well, but can you do the same praising and giving thanks when things are not going so well at all? He or she who has learned how to be content in the worst of times are those who are definitely maturing spiritually. Babies will want to whine and cry about every hardship they are having to face, and that is where a lot of people find themselves today. Now may you be an exception as far as being a baby is concerned, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.