Wednesday, April 24, 2024

All Is Not Lost

April 24, 2024

"All Is Not Lost"

     I realize there are many of you who truly wish to try and do the right things as you live this life, but for whatever reason you just cannot seem to succeed. It is much the same thing that Paul also wrestled with when he talked about not being able to do that which he wanted to do, and doing that which he did not want to do, so that none of you who have ever failed are not alone. The main thing to derive from this is that no one is perfect of course, so you will all have a chance at success as long as you try to put The Lord JESUS first in your life. There are many of you as well who think that because you do fail sometimes, I will no longer accept you, but you could not be more wrong about that. As The Lord JESUS said, it is those who realize that they are sinners and need Him who do good and not those who think that they are already perfect. Blessed are all of you who realize that you need The Savior JESUS CHRIST in your life.
     Now listen My children, just in case it might have slipped your minds, remember that I do know the hearts of every man and woman. Because I do know everyone's heart, I know whether or not they had intentions to do what was good and/or right but just fell short of accomplishing it. Many of you have been way too hard on yourselves because of not being able to stay holy and righteous as you planned or desired to do. You then have those who do not even care enough to feel bad about their inability to be who they should be as a believer in CHRIST JESUS, and they are the ones who should be concerned about the path they are on. As long as your heart's desire is to do, or at least try to do My will, then MY children, you do not have to worry. As I stated before, it is those who do not seem to give a hoot who should be concerned about their futures. Now may you who truly love The Lord JESUS be blessed in every way, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.