Saturday, May 04, 2024

Being Sick and Tired of Evil

May 03, 2024

"Being Sick and Tired of Evil"

     As I look upon My creation these days and where sin has caused it to go, it becomes more and more difficult to allow this present dispensation to exist. I will tell you now, if not for what My Only Begotten Son had accomplished on the cross, I would have long ago put an end to the evil that exists around this world. Almost everywhere I turn I see evil where there should not be any. I am seeing evil in the hearts of men and women and even little children, which of course most of the time the children were taught evil by some evil adult. I see evil in the Churches, the evil that is supposedly in institutions of higher learning, and of course evil in many so-called good homes. And many of those homes where evil exists are supposedly homes of people who claim to be children of Mine in CHRIST. Of course, I also see evil in the highest reaches of the government, proving the fact that there is indeed evil in high places. There is also evil in the media, which is the cause of a lot of unrest in the world, and in the hearts of those who are easily persuaded.
     Therefore children of Mine in CHRIST, you should give thanks daily for each and every day that you are allowed to live, because, with so much evil around, it has truly become a stench in My nostrils, figuratively speaking. As I stated earlier, everyone who has any sense whatsoever should be so thankful for what The Lord JESUS CHRIST has accomplished for them through His shed blood and sacrifice on the cross. If not for His sacrifice, I would venture to say, that this world would have been wiped out long ago. There is so much evil in the world as I have said, and blessed are all of you who do your best to resist the evil in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior. So many times people have done and/or said things that they knew were wrong, yet they did and/or said them anyway without even trying to resist. Be who you should be therefore as a child of Mine in CHRIST, and blessed you will surely be, in His Most Precious and Holy Name.