Sunday, May 05, 2024

There Is Only One Judge

May 05, 2024

"There Is Only One Judge"

     There are indeed many people who might agree that certain people who hurt and murder people should go to hell, but hardly anyone would think that some little old lady who never hurt anyone would deserve to go to hell. No, My friends, obviously mankind does not see nor judge things as JESUS and I do, and that is where so much confusion concerning such things begins. Most people often tend to forget the fact that JESUS CHRIST and I do not judge using the same criteria as does mankind, because mankind is more interested in what people do rather than in Who a person knows. That is not to say that what a person does is not important, but the doing is not the most important thing when compared to Whom the person knows and loves. Now of course The Who I am talking about is The Lord JESUS CHRIST and Me, which is above anything anyone might say and/or do, and blessed are they who understand that fact.
     From this day forth My darling children, do not be so quick to presume that you know who might be going where at the end of their life. When it comes down to it, The Lord JESUS CHRIST will be The One Who decides who goes where anyway. It is The Lord JESUS Who gave His life as a sacrifice for all of you who would believe and receive Him as your Lord and Savior. That is why many that mankind might think should be going to one place just might end up going somewhere completely different. Always keep in mind just Who I am, because obviously there are many who tend to forget just who IGOD, am on most days anyway. Yes, My children, there are going to be some shocked people when judgment day arrives, so do not be one trying to be a little judge while here on earth, because guess what, many who you might think should make it will not, while those who you might think should not, will make it. So just be sure that you and yours know The Who, Who will save you, in JESUS' Most Holy and Gracious Name.