Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Do Not Worry About What GOD Is Doing in Your Life

May 01, 2024

"Do Not Worry About What GOD
Is Doing in Your Life"

     I realize there are times when life can seem somewhat complicated, especially when it comes to some of you trying to figure out what I might be doing in your life. When you really sit down and think about it, you have limited knowledge about Heavenly things, yet you are trying to figure out an Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and All-Knowing GOD, and what He or I am doing in your life. So very often I do see some of you being troubled by the way certain things are progressing in your life. A lot of you become confused about the direction your life has taken, and you begin to wonder if I or We even care anymore. Some of you become all upset and worried over certain problems in your life, and you want to know what your Heavenly Father is doing. Well, let Me say this, I do not think that I owe any of you an explanation or have to check with any of you about My plans, and you would do good to remember that fact.
     Now know this My children, your main responsibility as far as knowing or trying to figure out what I am doing in your life, is to trust and have faith in Who I am and in what I am able to do. Much too often in the lives of those who have claimed to be Mine, fear has been allowed to take over their lives. I should not have to go around reassuring those of you who claim to be Mine in CHRIST, but because they do often allow fear to creep in, I have to spend time reassuring those that I should not have to. It would be so nice if more people could just relax and figure that no matter what, my Heavenly Father is on the job and He is at work on my behalf. Faith, faith, faith, are the magic words of the day, along with the trust that goes along with that faith. Now may you keep that magic word in mind whenever fear tries to creep in on you, and blessed you will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.