Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Have You Questioned Your Salvation?

April 30,2024

"Have You Questioned Your Salvation"

     There are those who sometimes wonder about the state of their salvation, well here are some questions to ask yourself. Some will often wonder if they are among the group who are Heaven bound or not if they were to die today. Some people tend to worry themselves to death almost, about such things when it is relatively easy to determine when you really think about it. For one thing, is JESUS CHRIST the most important Person in your life since you found out what He did for you on the cross? Have you become one who has tried to live according to His and My Words since you have supposedly become a believer? Is it your heart's desire to let JESUS CHRIST become Lord and not just Savior of and in your life? Have you found yourself desiring to know as much about Us as you can, and to keep Us in your heart at all times? Have you begun to view the way you used to be in your life in a different light since you have given your life to The Lord JESUS? In other words My beloved, have you been born again of the Spirit?
     So when and if you give some thought to these questions My precious ones, what would your answers be? Are you one who would say that you can take The Lord JESUS or forget Him? If JESUS CHRIST is just a passing thought to or for you every now and then, you had better think again about whether or not you are indeed saved. If you are not ever interested in hearing My Word or interested in trying to live a better life than you used to live based on My Word, then you had better think again if you are saved or not. How can you say that you love someone and never want to spend any time with them, or never have a desire to want to know more about them or want to get closer to them? Therefore My friends, think seriously about whether you really do love The Lord JESUS CHRIST and Me as you say, and you will know more about whether or not you are saved, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.