Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Being Your Best

May 08, 2024

"Being Your Best"

     Some people spend so much time worrying and being concerned about every little thing under the sun so to speak, until they have very little time to just enjoy the life with which they have been blessed. Also, most of the things over which they find themselves being concerned about, of course, there is very little they can do anything about. There are also those who are angry about the simple things in life until they have trouble finding any peace, joy, or happiness in their life. Some people tend to believe that everyone is against or out to get them, or if the people are not, then almost nothing seems to go their way. They are usually the type of people who love to use words such as never, cannot, and always. They are often not very optimistic about life in general, and they will usually have a difficult time seeing anything that is good and positive, even when it is staring them in the face. These are people who wake up every morning just waiting for or expecting the next bad thing to happen to them, or to someone they love, and that is such a sad way to live life.
     Now listen children of Mine in CHRIST, you should always be expecting something good, if not the best, things in life because of Whose child you are. Your Heavenly Father is more than capable of doing the impossible on your behalf, and you really need to believe that truth. My children should be some of the most positive people there are around, because of Who your GOD is. The Lord JESUS CHRIST never walked around being and speaking negatively about anything, even though He was often being threatened, trying to be deceived, being talked about, and lied on at every turn. The only sadness JESUS really ever felt was for other people because of their ignorance and their blindness to the truth of Who He was. And even though He knew what was going to happen to Him once He was born, He was never heard complaining or wishing that He had not been born. Oh yes, He could have stayed right here with Me, yet He decided to be born, persecuted, called names, spit upon, abused, and be crucified for each and every one of your sins. Now may you live and be the best you can be, in and through His Holy and Most Precious Name.