Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Do Not Despair

May 07, 2024

"Do Not Despair"

     In John 10:10 JESUS states,  The thief’s purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. There are many people who are obviously and definitely on the side of the thief, and that is evident every single day. Who is this thief you might ask? Well, he is the devil, satan, the prince of darkness, lucifer, along with a few other choice names for him as well. Now, speaking of the devil, you would be surprised to know that this thief has many unwitting helpers, and because of their ignorance, they often run around stealing, killing, and destroying, with many of them getting a kick out of the evil they perpetrate on others. Too many of these people are just blindly following along, not realizing that such antics could lead them straight down the steps to hell. This is also another example of how ignorance could help lead the way to disaster. People live and die, and what they do in between is what will determine where they spend eternity.
     Therefore My children, learn to ignore, resist, and/or turn your back on the thief or the evil one. As you have often seen, he mainly tries to keep those who are doing his will in a pretty happy and satisfied state of being. Because they are already in his camp so to speak, he tries to keep them right where they are. That is why you will often see those who practice evil getting away with things for a little while, until that is, I decide to do something about it. There are even times when the devil will lose some who come to their senses and open their eyes and hearts and repent of the evil they have been perpetrating on others. That is one of the reasons why some of the evil people you might see, are allowed to just keep on living. Since it is not My will that anyone should perish, I allow them to keep on living, because I know how, when, and where The Holy Spirit will bring them on over to My side. Sometimes, those that seem to be the most hopeless, end up becoming some of My better converts. So blessed are you who are already on My side, and blessed are you who are yet to come, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.