Monday, May 13, 2024

Just Keep Holding On

May 13, 2024

"Just Keep Holding On"

     If My will was really done on earth as it is done in Heaven, that would mean there would be no sin, no pain, no hurts, no heartaches, no tears, and nothing else that is bad or hurtful while here on earth. But now listen, times such as that are still yet to come to this earth, but in the meantime, there is only prayer to try and keep things in line. I am well aware that many of you have been facing some very trying and hurtful times, and the worst thing that you can do is to lose faith and hope in these situations. As I stated a few messages ago, there are going to be some trials in most of your lives and even some tribulations, but fear not, because JESUS CHRIST has overcome this world. Some of you just might wonder what does JESUS CHRIST's overcoming this world has to do with you? Well, you see, if you are in CHRIST through The Holy Spirit, then JESUS CHRIST is also in you, which means that you too have overcome this world in and through Him
     Therefore My children in CHRIST, as long as you are waiting for things to get better in this world, just learn how to live this life with a measure of gratitude, hope, love, and faith. Always be aware of the fact that no matter how difficult things might become in your life, you will never be facing anything that happens to you all alone. We will always have your back no matter what you might have to face. Always be mindful of the fact that very few if any trials are ever easy or pleasant, but it is good to know that Greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world. Also remember that as a believer, you can do all things through CHRIST Who strengthens you. Now may you keep these things in mind, and blessed you will be for so doing, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.