Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Could You Spend A Little Time with Us?

May 14, 2024

"Could You Spend A Little Time
with Us?"

     There are some people who have the idea that they are too busy to spend a little time with The Lord JESUS CHRIST and Me every now and again. Oh, I hear all types of excuses on a daily basis, and these people do not truly realize what they are missing. Those who claim that they are too busy, need to also realize that in order to receive salvation, there needs to be a relationship with Us whenever possible. People will often come to the end of a day or week having had time for everything else except for spending some time with Us. It seems that some people just do not see spending time with Us as being all that important. I guess that also means they do not see their salvation as being too important either. As I often say, it is not My will that any should perish and end up in hell, but those who do not have time for Us, will more than likely end up on the road to hell.
     Therefore people, do not be counted among the ones who do not seem to have any time for Us, because you will not like where you will end up being at the end of your life. I am not asking for every minute of the day of your time, just enough for you to be able to get to know The Lord JESUS, The Holy Spirit, and Myself better. It will be very beneficial for you to get to know Us as much as possible and blessed are all of you who do. Some people think it is enough to just say a prayer every now and then and step foot in a Church every once in a great while. That My friend is not considered to be trying to know Us at all. Spending time means putting Us first on a daily basis at some point in the day and spending some quiet time with Us. There is nothing more important than that, and blessed are you who realize it, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.