Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Learn to Be Thankful

May 15, 2024

"Learn to Be Thankful"

     It can be so hard for some people to be thankful in life, especially when they are under the mistaken impression that they have done and/or accomplished everything themselves. These are the types of people who will hardly ever give anyone else any credit for anything that is done for them. There are also those who realize that they have been blessed in many ways time and time again, but they are much too prideful to think that I, Almighty GOD, might have had anything to do with the success they might have had in their lives. Some people will even act as if they are the masters of their own lives as if I am not in the picture at all. Too many of them walk around acting all high and mighty, not realizing that all I have to do is to look at them, point at them, or even think about them without ever saying a word, and they would end up being nothing but dust.
     As you live your life this day, remember the reason why you opened your eyes this morning and be thankful. If you cannot give thanks for anything else, at least try to thank Me for that. Unless you have found a way to create and sustain life without Me, then you had better think again about Who is responsible for every breath you are allowed to take. There are those among you who do not have very much at all that you can call yours, but as long as you have breath, anything good can happen. And if you have been blessed enough to not have to want for anything, realize that it is not solely because of anything that you have done to warrant you sticking your chest out as if you have done everything all on your own. Only a foolish person would believe such a thing, so how foolish are you? Learn to be thankful and learn to give thanks every now and then, whether you have a little or a lot because in either case, things can really change. Blessed are you who learn to be thankful in your life, in and through JESUS' Most Holy and Blessed Name.