Saturday, April 20, 2024


April 20, 2024

"When JESUS CHRIST Returns"

     There are many who have either forgotten the fact that The Lord JESUS is going to return again one day, or they do not even believe that He is coming back at all. In either case, such a belief is pure foolishness and oh-so ignorant. As My Word says, before the return of The Lord JESUS, things will be as it was in Noah's day before the flood. Oh yes, people will most certainly be partying, drinking to excess, cheating, lying, murdering, and doing all sorts of other sins, never expecting that The Lord JESUS is returning for His Bride, which is of course, The Church of His Believers. There will be many who will not be ready of course, because they will have not been expecting Him when He does come. He has already said that even He did not know when He would return, so wise are they who keep themselves ready to go at any time.
     Blessed are those of you who have kept the faith and who have been waiting for The Lord JESUS to return. There were a few examples that JESUS mentioned of people not being ready to go Home, so it would be a shame if some of you who are reading this message today were not in that number. When JESUS does return, many will not be with the person they should be with at the time, or they will be doing things that they should not be doing. The Lord JESUS CHRIST has given people enough warnings so that they should be ready when He returns, it is just a matter of whether or not they have heard or have listened to what He has said. As you know, one can hear without really listening to what is being said, and there are many who are sailing on that ship today. Listen therefore you who say that you are Mine, and be always ready to come Home no matter what time of the day or night JESUS CHRIST returns. Blessed you will be for being ready, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.