Monday, July 08, 2024

Thinking More About Others Than Self

July 08, 2024

"Thinking More About Others
Than Self"

     One of the best ways to help yourself in times of trouble or if you are in need of help is to learn to do something good for someone else. This tends to be a world filled with people who are only out to selfishly think about themselves and to do things to only elevate themselves. There are far too many people who tend to concern themselves with me, myself, and I, which tends to be the way of not being concerned about anyone else but themselves. Some people will often forget about everyone else who might could use some help if they themselves were not in need of help. Those who tend to behave as The Lord JESUS CHRIST did, are people who take the time to treat others as they would want to be treated. The Lord JESUS saw that mankind was in trouble and that there was nothing they could do to help or to save themselves, so He stepped in to save mankind from themselves, and I am very proud that He did.
     Therefore children of Mine in CHRIST, what I would really like for each of you to know is this, the more you need help in your own life, the smarter it would be for you to help someone else in theirs. One of the reasons why this is a good and smart thing to do is because it will help you to keep from concentrating so much on your own problems, especially when there is very little that you might be able to do about it at the time. Another way that it will help is because it will help you to realize that you are not the only one with problems, or not the only one in some kind of trouble. And when you lift someone else up in prayer for instance besides yourself, that again will be like being CHRIST-like, which is never a bad thing in My book. When you lift someone else up in prayer, it will also enable you to draw on a strength that will come from above, and oh what a blessing that is. Now may more of you begin to think about others in life other than yourselves, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.