Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Choosing Good or Evil

July 09, 2024

"Choosing Good or Evil"

     It always seems as if mankind tends to get bored if they cannot find something over which they can become upset or raise hell. I know that is true because of the sinful nature of mankind, and the ways it is used against them. This need to seek out trouble often begins in childhood, which means that it is something with which they are born. Just take a little time and think about it, there are certain actions and behaviors that you do not even have to teach most children, they are just born with a certain proclivity towards a particular behavior or behaviors. Oh, they can, and often do, pick up certain actions and behaviors as they grow, but not all bad behavior has to be taught, it is just part of their sinful nature. There are also some children who tend to be some of the sweetest and most well-behaved children around, and many of these types of children are often picked on by those who love to make trouble. Those who tend to follow the trouble-making path will usually end up being among the ones who will either end up in jail behind bars or worse.
     Now please listen to Me, My children, even though it is not so popular these days, My Word says in Proverbs 22:6, Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Oh yes, I know there are exceptions, but they are far and few in between as compared to those who do try to follow My Word. Even though I am The One Who created mankind, there are times when that old sinful nature within them just sickens and grieves My heart. So many of them tend to stoop to the level of the ungodly and the unrighteous, all in an attempt to glorify satan and his evil rather than glorifying Me and My righteousness. It is rarely ever easy to do good, but doing good will bring forth good rewards indeed. It might not always look like it, but good is always greater than evil because there is real power to be found on the side of good. Now may you be one who lives for the good and not the evil, in JESUS' Most Precious and  Holy Name.