Saturday, July 06, 2024

Do You Truly Love GOD?

July 06, 2024

"Do You Truly Love GOD?"

     It is often said about some people just how much they did love or love JESUS CHRIST, The Holy Spirit, and Me, but it is often difficult to see that based on how they tend to live their lives. Yes, I know that none of you should be judging others, but when you see people doing and/or behaving in a certain way, that is not judging, that is just calling it as you see it. When you really think about it, My Word speaks a great deal about love, so if a person truly loves Us, then they would surely try to love one another as well. It is not always as easy as some might suppose, especially when there are so many others who are living according to the way the world is living. So many just want to fit in with everyone else, until My Word and the obeying of My Word tends to take a back seat to the world's way of living, and that is so sad to see indeed.
     Now listen to Me, My people, the real act of loving Us is seen when you can see people living according to what My Word says. As many of you have seen, there are those who know very little if anything about My Word, about any of the people and/or stories that are in It, or even how the children of Mine should be conducting themselves. Time and time again I have reiterated the fact that I know that people are not perfect, but for those who cannot exhibit anything resembling being a child of The Living GOD, it is just not the way that it should be at all. Those who say that they love CHRIST JESUS, The Holy Spirit, and Me, should at least exhibit some form of loving Us, which would be pleasing indeed. Now may you who truly do love Us not be afraid to show it, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.