Friday, July 05, 2024

When Praising GOD

July 05, 2024

"When Praising GOD"

    You might ask, do I love to hear praises from My people? Well, the answer is yes I do when the praise comes from a sincere and truthful heart, which sometimes it does not. There are many who tend to praise simply because they see others doing it, in which case, that type of praise does not mean very much at all. Some people just praise because that is what they need to do in order to move Me to do something for them, and no, that type of praise does not mean very much at all to Me. There are those who will praise just because they sound good when they do it, and yes, many there are who do just that, but there is nothing from their hearts involved. Some people will praise Me thinking that it will help to save them from something such as others have done throughout My Word, but again, it means nothing unless the heart is involved.
     Therefore children of Mine in CHRIST, if you plan on praising Me and/or The Lord JESUS CHRIST, do so because of your love for Us and what you feel in your heart first, and not for any other reasons. Do I love to hear people praising Us, yes I do if it is sincerely heartfelt. I do not want to hear from any copycatters, those who are insincere, or from those who are praising because they might be wanting something from Us. Any time people begin to praise just because they feel it in their hearts and for no other reason whatsoever, that is the type of praise that brings Us a great deal of joy. Now usually when a person begins to praise just for the joy of praising, good things will just naturally begin to happen in their lives. It is all because I enjoy a heartfelt praise so much, that bonds end up being broken in the lives of those who are doing the praising. Now may you be or become one who will sincerely praise Us from your heart, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.