Thursday, June 20, 2024

Why Do I Have to Bury My Child

June 20, 2024

"Why Do I Have to Bury 
My Child?"

     You can often hear the expression that a parent should not have to bury their child, but then from where did that law or thought originate? Tell Me, was it part of the Ten Commandments or some other part of My Word of which I am not aware? I realize how sad it can be as far as having to put to rest a child, and I know because I had to do the same thing of course. I had to watch Mine be tortured, be mistreated and abused, and then watch Him be crucified as an innocent Man. And as they were crucifying Him, I could not even bear to look upon Him, as He asked Me to forgive those who were putting Him to death. Some of you have even asked why your child had to be the one who was chosen as if it should have been someone else's child? But now let Me ask you this; what was your child doing at the time this tragedy struck? It might sound harsh I know, but I need for you to look at the reality of the situation, and know there was nothing that you could have done to prevent what took place.
     Listen, therefore, My beloved, just be thankful first of all that if your loved one knew The Lord JESUS CHRIST, then that child is now here with Us. Oftentimes, people will ask why not the parent, but if that is what way it was supposed to be, then that My child is the way it would have been. There are many things in this world that tend to puzzle people, and a lot of the puzzles will not be answered until you come Home here to Us. As far as a parent should not be having to bury their child, there are many variables as to why this might be the case, and none of them have to do anything with The Word or with you personally. Be at peace therefore as you lay your child to rest, realizing that if the both of you know The Lord JESUS CHRIST, then you will indeed see them once again. Now may you be at peace in The Holy Spirit, and blessed you will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.