Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Learn When and When Not to Fight

June 19, 2024

"Learn When and When Not to Fight"

     Some people believe there should be a fight, a battle, or even a war over every little disagreement, argument, wrongdoing, or any evil thing that is done or said to them or a loved one. In The Name of JESUS CHRIST and Myself, it is Our belief that one would be wise as far as picking their battles, so to speak. Some lives have needlessly been lost over something that they themselves believed to be so important when it was only important to them alone. Some people even think that material things like automobiles, land, personal property, and/or anything else that can be replaced is worth losing their lives over, but that is not always the truth. There are many lives that have been needlessly lost or taken because of some immaterial thing or object. It is like I mentioned in the June 18, 2024 message, lives have been lost or taken all because someone has made an unwise decision along the way, so then one should learn to make wise decisions in life.
     So as you make your way in this life My child, try to remember to learn to wisely pick your fights, battles, and wars. Always be mindful of the fact that sometimes it pays to relent, think, and live to fight another day. A life that is lost today cannot do anything more for anyone or for whatever the cause was they were fighting. Using wisdom when trying to decide which fights, battles, or wars to fight, will do much better than running headlong into something which could have been put off until another time. One's life is indeed valuable, so valuable in fact, that The Lord JESUS CHRIST was beaten beyond recognition and suffered a horrible death on the cross for each of your lives. There are some things that are difficult to replace for sure, but nothing is as valuable as a life. And yes, things can indeed be replaced with Our help, and blessed are you who will remember that, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.