Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Learn to Make Wise Choices and Decisions

June 18, 2024

"Learn to Make Wise Choices
and Decisions"

     I know there are many of you who want to know why and/or how do I allow certain bad things to happen to happen to supposedly good people, and good things to happen to seemingly bad people? It is somewhat the same as when I allow the rain to fall on both the so-called good and so-called bad people. And do I not also allow the sun to shine on both the so-called good and so-called bad people of the world? And let Me ask this question? Just Who is it that decides anyway if a certain person is either good or bad? And oh My goodness, what about when it comes to finances and My allowing both the good and bad to benefit financially? Yes, My beloveds, I realize that these are difficult questions to ask and for Me to explain, especially to those of you who have suffered a loss of some type in your lives. Some people just happen to make certain unwise choices in their lives that can lead to terrible results, but then, that is what having free will is all about. In order for Me to have changed the outcome of some of life's eventualities, I would have had to interfere with a person's free will, and very few of you would want Me to do such a thing, except for times in which you would benefit of course.
     So now listen to Me, My children, the way to cut down on unnecessary trials and tribulations in most cases would be for each of you to try and make wiser choices and/or decisions in your lives. Now if you really thought about it, I am sure that you could think of some situations that you could have avoided if you had just made wiser choices and/or decisions in your life. Fortunately for most of you who are yet still alive, your unwise choices and/or decisions did not lead to any serious harm or death. I would have to end up taking away most people's free will if I had decided to try and keep them all protected from harm, danger, or even death. Unwise choices and/or decisions can end up being very far-reaching because more lives can be harmed, or even endangered, than the person who made the unwise choice and/or decision in the first place. Now may you be one who has been wise enough to think about what was said here today, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.