Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Do Not Be too Hard on Peter

June 06, 2024

"Do Not Be too Hard on Peter"

     Do you remember when Peter denied being with and knowing The Lord JESUS three times before the rooster crowed, well there are many such as Peter walking around today as well. Some people have proven to be bold and assured as long as they are around like-minded individuals. They have no qualms discussing and debating My Word, just as long as things do not get too heated. There is also a matter of some people being able to stand up to those with whom they have had any disputes at all, but let someone try to challenge them over something that might need some type of explanation, and they are more than likely to turn tail and run, so to speak. There are those who just do not know The Lord JESUS as they should because they have not really walked with Him long enough to be intimate with Him. All some of them really know is only what they have been told about CHRIST JESUS and very little more than that.
     So therefore My children, do not be so hard on Peter, because as any of you should know, I was never hard on him even though he had denied My Son three times. As most of you who know his story realize, Peter more than made up for what he did on that one dreadful night. As a matter of fact, Peter was harder on himself, more than JESUS CHRIST or I ever was. That is the same with many of you today as well. Many of you have been harder on yourselves than The Lord JESUS or I have ever been on you because you are all aware of how much you need to grow in your relationship to, in, and with CHRIST JESUS. It is one thing to know about The Lord JESUS, and another thing entirely to truly know The Lord JESUS in ways that you never knew you could. Now may good things be to you who will stand strong, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.