Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Your Heaven or Hell on Earth

March 13, 2024

"Your Heaven or Hell on Earth"

     As many of you have realized by now, in this present life, there are those who believe that they have their Heaven on Earth and those who believe that they have their hell as well. I realize too that many either give Me or themselves the credit for their Heaven on Earth, but then they usually blame Me for any hell they think they face or have faced in their life. You see, rarely if ever, does anything bad occur that is of their own doing as far as they are concerned. For proof of this just think of how often I am blamed when something tends to go wrong in a person's life, as if I am supposed to prevent every little thing from going wrong in a person's life. And please do not let someone lose a loved one in their life, or else it could go fifty-fifty as to how their faith will go. As a matter of fact, a whole slew of people have supposedly lost their faith because they claim that I have let them down. But now of course if their faith was so strong in the first place, losing their faith would have been very hard to do.
     Now listen My children in CHRIST, there is a case to be made for there being a Heaven and/or hell right here on earth. There are those who have really had the best of times here on Earth, and those who have had some of the worst times also. It is okay if those of you who have done well want to take complete credit for yourselves, but just remember that you are the one who made that choice when you do. And for you who think that your life has been pure hell here on Earth and you say that I am the blame for it in some way, I want you to remember your choice as well. True enough some of you have had some beautiful lives here on this  Earth, and this very well could be the only Heaven you will ever have, so go ahead and enjoy it. Others of you who recognize that every good thing comes through Me, there is more to look forward to, as well as for you who have had a hard time while here on Earth. Now may you who are sincerely Mine, now be blessed forevermore, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.