Monday, March 11, 2024

GOD Loves A Prayer Warrior

March 12, 2024

"GOD Loves A Prayer Warrior"

     Some of the best prayers I hear are those prayers that are prayed on behalf of others. Day in and day out I hear prayers that concern me, myself, and I, so it is indeed a good thing to hear someone who is praying for someone else besides themselves. I realize that most of you usually do personally want something, but you should never forget that I do know your heart's desires after all. Those who learn to lift others up in prayer will automatically be lifting themselves up as well. It is easy to just selfishly pray when all you are doing is praying for me, myself, and I all of the time as you ignore the needs and wants of others. Some of the people who love to pray for others will oftentimes end up being blessed more than they might expect, simply because they cared enough to pray for someone else besides themselves.
     Therefore, children of Mine in CHRIST, learn to be prayer warriors for someone else besides yourself. It is such a wonderful thing to see people praying for one another, and it gives Us such great joy to see it happening. Some people tend to have the idea that if they are not praying for and/or asking for something on a daily basis, they just might be forgotten, and I do not want anyone to feel like that would ever be the case. Just like I have promised to never leave nor forsake you, I also promise to never forget about any of you who are Mine. This is especially the case for the prayer warriors because they are doing so much for others. You can often hear about prayers that have been answered, and it seems to be a surprise to the person, but the answer could very well be because some prayer warrior has been praying for them. I just want to thank all of My prayer warriors today, and blessed you are and have been for others, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.