Friday, March 08, 2024

The Evilness of Mankind

March 08, 2024

"The Evilness of Mankind"

     Some among you often wonder how mankind can devise so many different ways to torture, kill, and/or harm one another? Well, when evil is in control of a man or woman's soul, there is almost no evil thing that they cannot devise. It is a sad situation that a person is able to inflict this kind of pain upon another person and never tend to be bothered or concerned by it all. There are those as well who can see such evil taking place and do absolutely nothing much at all to help, they only tend to look away and keep moving. Some might ask why do I, being The Almighty, not do anything to help those who are in trouble? But how many of you can say without a doubt that I do not do anything to help? Besides that, why would I have to get involved when there are so many of you who could do something in My place? There are times when if someone does decide that they are going to help, I will usually make sure to be there with them every step of the way.
     Therefore, children of Mine in CHRIST, do not spend too much time trying to figure those who are evil out, because if you are not yet evil yourself, you do not want to allow such spirits to come inside your circle of life. Evil is a by-product of satan's, and he is normally the one who is seeking to devour those who are weak. The devil is indeed very sly and very convincing, and is often able to lead some of the most dedicated people astray. When people allow themselves to be ruled by their emotions, it is never very long before satan shows up and tries to seduce them. There are those among you who are indeed very spiritually strong, and there is not very much that evil can do to weaken your resolve, and that makes Us very proud. Now if there is something that you can do to help someone if they are in trouble, then go ahead and do it, otherwise, go and try to get them help, and a blessing you will be in one way or another to them, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.