Thursday, March 07, 2024

Do Not Be Complainers

March 07, 2024

"Do Not Be Complainers"

     It is easy for people to complain about almost everything they have to face in life as they tend to forget all about their lovely blessings. There are some for instance who did not wake up this morning, whereas others who tend to be constant complainers did manage to wake up. There are those who have very little to nothing much to eat at all, while many who are always complaining have been blessed with more than enough to eat. There are those who might have been homeless for some time now, whereas once again, many complainers are living in nice, wonderful, warm, and/or cool homes in wish to live. Even if it is a room or an apartment, it is a covered dwelling and something for which one should be thankful. Some people are wishing that they had a vehicle to get them around, and many who are complainers do not even appreciate what they are driving. Some people are even riddled with health problems, and many complainers tend to be as healthy as can be and do not appreciate it.
     So what am I trying to say oh children of Mine? I want each of you to concentrate more on your blessings in life rather than on what you do or do not have in life. Also, do not be or become a person who tends to complain about every little thing under the sun. Being a complainer is much like being an ungrateful soul because instead of being thankful for whatever you have, all you can seem to do is to complain. Too many people tend to spend so much time whining, griping, and complaining about one thing or another, that they tend to become blind to what is good in their life. I would love for My children to speak positive things in life and stay away from speaking a lot of negativity in life. I would love for My children to speak more positive things in life than that which is negative, which would make Me and Us proud. Please try to wake up every morning in and with a thankful attitude instead of beginning each day with negative thoughts. Now may you be blessed and begin to realize that you are, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.