Saturday, March 09, 2024

Love As GOD Does

March 10, 2024

"Love As GOD Does"

     Much of what I do and have done for people will frequently go unnoticed and unappreciated, which in many cases does not really concern Me. The main times in which I am concerned are the times when I am totally disrespected as GOD Almighty by those who are supposed to love Us. Yes, We tend to put up with quite a lot from Our children, but that is the cost of love at times which We are willing to make. It is also something that We expect Our children to do as well with their children because love is supposed to be unconditional. This is true even when children are not doing or behaving as the parents would like for them to behave, and there are many parents who have failed in this respect. Just know that as long as your child is alive there is always hope, and sometimes in life, hope is all you need to be able to overcome.
     So the next time you feel like you have been unnoticed, unappreciated, and/or disrespected by your child or children, know that I too have to deal with these types of things from many of you as well. Now if I have not turned My back on any of you as of yet, then I do not think that any of you should turn your back on any of your children either. I do realize and also understand just how aggravating and impossible such behavior can be at times, but such is the way it is when you sincerely love your children. Be always mindful of the fact that love can sometimes be difficult. Be also mindful of the fact that there is still power in prayer, even when it seems that prayer is not doing very much at all to affect anything, just continue to have patience. I will continue to love every one of you even with all of your problems, and I at least ask the same of you who are parents, and blessed you will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.