Friday, June 07, 2024

It Is Mankind's Choice

June 07, 2024

It Is Mankind's Choice"

     As many of you are aware from personal experience, there is only so much that some people are willing to hear as far as The Lord JESUS and I are concerned. People in general, do not want to hear about their sins and their shortcomings, because they want to live under the mistaken illusion that they are at least good and decent souls when in reality they are not. They do not want to hear about how everyone has sinned and has fallen short of My glory. They also do not want to hear that they lie, cheat, steal, and even commit murder, if not physically then in their hearts. Many people also hate hearing about how wrong it is to do any sin of the heart because they love seeing themselves as being much better than that. Not everyone is anxious to admit that they cannot save themselves of course, and are therefore in need of a Higher Power to do it, which of course is The Lord JESUS CHRIST.
     Therefore child of Mine in CHRIST, do not get down if there are people who do not want to place much stock in the messages you bring to them, because not everyone accepted The Words of My Only Begotten Son either. Those who are meant to accept them will, whereas the others will not. JESUS CHRIST came that they might have life, and have it more abundantly, but yet many of them still refused to hear what He had to say. He also came to set men and women free from their sin and their sinful natures, but they loved living in and with their sins rather than being set free from it or them. It is a shame indeed that people would rather set The Lord JESUS aside to pursue the dark side of life, but that is exactly what they choose to do. There will always be those who will love the darkness rather than the light, the evil more than the good, and sin more than righteousness, and it is their right to choose. Now may you be one who would rather choose Heaven over hell from this day forth, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.