Sunday, June 02, 2024

Can You Really Hear GOD Speaking to You?

June 02, 2024

"Can You Really Hear GOD 
Speaking to You?"

     You can often hear some people saying that GOD, or I, never speak to them and that they are always listening. One question that should be asked of them is, are they trying to hear Me speaking to them audibly as when they are talking to one another, or are they trying to listen through and with spiritual ears, so to speak?  Another question that should be asked is, are they doing more talking than they are listening? Are they busy continually asking Me for things rather than just being silent and listening for the still, quiet voice within? Some might say that I should not make it so hard for people to hear, but it really is not all that difficult to hear once you discover how to hear Me speaking to you. Some people will miss Me speaking because of all of the noise and confusion that surrounds them and that they allow into their lives. There are also times when people are expecting Me to speak to them in one way only and I will do something completely different, which means that a person should be ready for Me to do anything. 
     Now therefore My darling children, learn to be silent every now and then and just be still and listen. I will sometimes speak through others or even through some situations of which you are aware. When I do speak in one of these ways, you will be able to know it because whatever it is that you are or were inquiring about or listening for, there will be something mentioned pertaining to what you were querying Me about. I am a GOD Who can speak in many different ways, as well as in every language known and unknown to man. So now listen child of Mine, do not ever try to put your Heavenly Father in some kind of man-made box, because there is not one that has ever been made that can hold The Lord JESUS CHRIST or Me for that matter. So be still therefore My children, and learn to listen, and blessed you will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.