Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Being Ye Lovers of the Truth

June 26, 2024

"Being Ye Lovers of the Truth"

     If you care to take notes, My friend, you will find that the truth has often become offensive to many people these days. Now what I am speaking of, are the truths that are found in My Word. As a matter of fact, the truths tend to be offensive to those whose desire is to be friends with and of the world rather than being friends with The Lord JESUS CHRIST, Me, and The Kingdom of Heaven. If you want to choose between the truth of My Word and what the world wants to believe, you will surely find yourself being at odds with the world if you were to choose My Word. Those who are of the world have a desire to please the world, even though that which is presented to them is a lie. It is becoming more and more difficult to be a friend of the world when it is your desire to be a lover of the truth. Those who are in and of the world will often find the truths of My Word to be somewhat harsh and even hateful at times, all because My Word is truth and does not beat around the bush, so to speak.
     Therefore children of Mine in CHRIST, do not be surprised to find out that the world will indeed hate you because it hated The Lord JESUS CHRIST first. Remember that JESUS told His disciples that because He had chosen them out of the world, the world would hate them. He also said that the world would hate them because they hated Him first, and such as it is for those of you who love The Lord JESUS CHRIST as well as the truth. There are many who try to say these days that My Word is outdated and that It does not mean today what It meant in the past, and it is because they do not appreciate the truth of It at all. If you would care to notice one of the many things about The Lord JESUS, He always spoke the truth in every situation, and He did not care what others thought, who was offended, or what they thought about Him. JESUS CHRIST also knew there was power in the truth, and that the truth could and would make people free. So learn to be like The Lord JESUS and be lovers of the truth, and blessed you will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.