Tuesday, May 21, 2024

When You Are Angry or Upset

May 21, 2024

"When You Are Angry or Upset"

     Yes, My children, I see that some of you are either angry or upset over or about something in your life, and you just need to take some time and calm yourselves down. I realize that even when you might love someone, you can still become angry and/or upset with them about something. There are times when you can want a certain thing, or maybe even want to do or see a certain thing, and your loved one might just have an objection to whatever it is. Well now, when such a thing occurs, you can consider the person's objections and their reason or reasons for making them, and you can even investigate why they made them on your own if you like. You can also just sit around and sulk or pout like a big overgrown baby. You could consider the fact that whatever the person's objections are or were, they might have had a legitimate reason for making them. After all, you know, even you can be wrong about something at least one time in your life.
     Okay, now child of Mine in CHRIST, the main and most important thing that I would like for you to consider is to Whom you belong. And when you do remember to Whom you belong, check and see if you are behaving in a manner that brings glory to His and My Name. Now I am not saying that JESUS CHRIST nor I ever get angry and/or upset, but We never allow it to ruin Our basic nature. Some of you become upset and/or angry and allow it to last for days upon days, and that is not what a child of Mine in CHRIST should be like. As I stated earlier, even some of you can be wrong sometimes, even though it only happens every once in a great while. To not even entertain the possibility that you could be wrong is a foolish way of thinking. Now may you be forgiving and even tempered in life, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.