Friday, May 31, 2024

Being A Blessing to Others

May 31, 2024

"Being A Blessing to Others"

     It often seems that some people just love to bless and be a blessing to others however and whenever they can. You also have those who have their limits as to how and when they will bless people, as well as a limit on how much they want to bless someone. And of course, there are those who do not care to bless anyone at all, and if they happen to do so, they will want to be in charge of what the person does with it, which is not really giving a blessing freely at all. Now, of course, there are some good and bad with all of these types of givers, and I will try to lay out a few thoughts about them.
     Those who just love to bless others no matter what the circumstances are, usually are the ones who happen to be taken advantage of, because they have a difficult time just saying no. There should be certain limits for sure, because even I have My limits at times, and no one loves blessing others any more than The Lord JESUS and Myself. Those who do have their limits on how, when, and how much to bless someone, are usually doing it for the wrong reasons, and that is something they really need to think about. Such people should also keep in mind that I love a cheerful giver because such a person is closest to Our hearts. And those who have trouble with blessing anyone at all should consider this; what if We decided to not bless you anymore, or if We did, We would try to demand that you do a certain thing with what We had given you.
     Now listen to Me, My children, I am very proud of you who want to be a blessing to others in any way that you can, and there needs to be many more like you. Of course, not everyone will appreciate what you do for them as far as blessing them is concerned, but what you do is done out of love and not for appreciation of course, which is why We do what We do in fact. Just learn to use wisdom when you decide to bless someone because you would like your blessings to be a help and not to be a hindrance. And for you who have trouble blessing some people, learn to just do it without complaining about it or trying to direct people as to what should be done with what you have given them because We do not do that to you. And then you who never want to be a blessing to anyone, need to think about if you never got blessed again because We chose to play by your rules? Now may good things be to all of you who learn to bless from your hearts out of love, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.