Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Walk By Faith and Not By Sight

March 19, 2024

"Walk By Faith and Not By Sight"

     There are those who will and have easily lost hope in this life and in Me, based primarily on what they have seen and/or have heard in their life. The problem with such people is this, much too often certain people will tend to walk by sight and/or hearing rather than walking by faith, and walking by faith in Me and My Word. Too many people often act as if I am limited by what man thinks and says, not being willing to realize that man has or holds no power over Me. What more people really need to understand and realize is, despite what a lot of people tend to think, mankind was made in Our image and not Us in mankind's image. If, We had been made in the image of mankind, could you imagine how much more confused and messed up everything would be right now? To walk by sight and/or hearing, can truly be a scary thing indeed, which is why the wise individual will do their walking by faith on a daily basis.
     From this day forth oh child of Mine, try not to be among the fearful and fretful, but rather be among the ones who walk by faith, and who do so by faith in Me and My Word. And sure, you might see and hear some terrible things in this life but know that faith in JESUS CHRIST and Myself is going to enable those who walk by faith to be overcomers in this world. Just be and remain aware of the fact that I am well aware of what tomorrow will bring your way and to your life, so that you should keep your faith in Me at all times. Faith in Me is truly important when you consider some of the evil and the darkness you have seen along the way in this life. I say to each of you who are Mine to fear not and to be strong, and may you be or become one who walks by faith and not by sight, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.