Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Cunningness of Satan

March 20, 2024

"The Cunningness of Satan"

     I realize there are those who either do not believe that satan, the devil, is real or exists, in which case he has already won the battle with these people. There are also people who have the idea that they do not have to fear nor respect the devil because they happen to be so special or so spiritual that they do not have to be concerned. These are the types of people whom the devil will often deceive all day long by lulling them into a false sense of security. People such as these will very often find themselves falling into sin, time and time again, even though they try over and over again to fight against it. People need to learn that the devil is indeed very cunning and will easily manipulate people into doing what he desires for them to do, or even disregard something that I have asked of them. There are those who have become so full of themselves that the devil's cunningness is used against them to bring them down.
     Today's message My friends is an attempt to wake everyone up to the fact that satan is not as much of a pushover as some of you might suppose. Just think about all of the evil that he has caused to be unleashed in this world, and how much he has enticed people to sin, over and over again. He has put to shame many who thought that they were so much stronger than him, not realizing that he hears and listens very well, along with his demons. They do this so well in fact, that he will often use a person's words against them in uncanny ways. The main and only real defense that anyone has against the devil is The Name of JESUS CHRIST. The Lord JESUS CHRIST is The One Who has total and complete power over the devil, and not just one of you alone does, apart from The Lord JESUS CHRIST. No one can do on their own what The Lord JESUS has the power to do on His own. Those of you who are wise will realize your need for JESUS CHRIST when you come up against the devil, and blessed you will be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.