Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Easter Celebration

March 28, 2024

"The Easter Celebration"

     One of the hardest and most difficult things that most of you will ever have to do, is trying to forgive someone who has no reason to be forgiven. This is exactly what The Lord JESUS did on behalf of the human race. There are children today who think that Easter is all about the so-called Easter bunny, candy, colored eggs, and Easter egg hunts, but of course that is all a myth based on a pagan tradition. There are many adults who help to perpetuate this myth as if they are doing the children a favor, when in reality they are not. Too many people seem to think that it is easier to explain the Easter eggs, bunny rabbits, candy, and Easter egg hunts, than just telling them the truth about what The Lord JESUS CHRIST has done on their behalf. It is indeed so sad that so many adults are too timid or too uninformed to trust that little children will be able to understand all the stuff that goes along with Easter, rather than what The Lord JESUS has done for them.
     Blessed are all of you adults who have managed to go against the world's norms, and have decided to be truthful with whatever children are in your life. Now I am not saying that you cannot have some fun on Easter, just be mindful of the fact that truth should come before the myths. Besides, could you tell Me what does Easter bunnies have to do with Easter eggs anyway? Also, can you tell Me, that if you believe in My Word, where is there any mention of celebrating Easter eggs or bunnies anywhere in It? Now look, I am really not trying to put a damper on your Easter plans, I just want children to know more about what is true rather than the fantasy or myth associated with Easter. Now may JESUS CHRIST and His resurrection be at the center of your celebration, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.