Friday, March 29, 2024

A Very Blessed Friday

March 29, 2024

"A Very Blessed Friday"

     This was not such a Good Friday for The Lord JESUS CHRIST all those many years ago, but it was a very Good Friday for all of mankind. Blessed were and are those who have received The Lord JESUS CHRIST as their Lord and Savior. So often in this world, people will often forget about the fact that JESUS CHRIST is supposed to also be Lord of and in their life as well as being their Savior. People just want to keep on doing the same old thing and living the same old way they have always lived before they asked JESUS CHRIST to be their Lord and Savior. Some people act as if The Lord JESUS came into the world to enslave them, but nothing could be further from the truth. You see, the truth is that JESUS CHRIST came to set each and every one of you free from the curse of sin and death, and blessed are those of you who have realized that fact.
     So when you think about this day My children, think of it as a day that you were set free from the curse of sin and death. It was not JESUS CHRIST Who wanted to enslave you, but rather the devil who wanted to keep you blind and enslaved in sin. When The Lord JESUS CHRIST arose early on that third day, He did so with power, especially after conquering death and the grave. If you are in Him, there is no need for you to fear death, for there is no more death or condemnation for those who are in CHRIST JESUS. Remember too that JESUS CHRIST should be Lord in and over your life as well as being your Savior. It is a simple concept in one sense, and it is only made complicated when someone wants to hang on to their old life. As The Lord JESUS said in John 3: 3-18; a person must be born again, and when they are, old things are passed away while everything else becomes new. Now may you be one who will let JESUS CHRIST be Lord of your life, in His Holy and Most Gracious Name.