Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Learning to Be Truthful

July 03, 2024

"Learning to Be Truthful"

     There are many who tend to tell lies to and for someone, all in an attempt to help them, not really understanding that a lie is still a lie no matter the reason for telling it. You will often see or hear a parent lie for their child who might find themselves in trouble, which is not right or good for them at all. There are times as well when one spouse might lie for the other spouse, and they will believe that they have good reasons for doing this as well. There are also times when friends will be heard doing the same thing also. One might ask the question then, is it ever okay to lie? Well, you could also ask the question is ever okay to steal, to commit murder, to commit adultery, to bear false witness, or to do any number of things such as these? The main reason why I ask these other questions is because I think of lying as being in the same category as them, even though people do not often see things the way that I do.
     From this day forth My children, learn to see the act of lying in the same light as I see it. In order to be holy and righteous, one has to begin to see things in the same light as JESUS CHRIST, The Holy Spirit, and I see them. I know it is not easy to do for most of you, but the more holiness and righteousness you allow into your life, the better at it you will surely become. You see, part of the problem with the world today is that very people tend to view telling the truth as being as serious as I do. Oh yes, most people can and will lie without even giving it a second thought, and they can always find a reason to justify why they had to tell a lie. It would really be nice if telling a lie was as difficult as telling the truth sometimes is for most people. Learn to be truthful individuals in every way possible, and blessed you will surely be for so doing, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.