Saturday, June 15, 2024


June 15, 2024


     Almost everywhere you look these days, someone is being called a hero without having to have done anything that was truly heroic. If someone just does the job that they should have been doing, they are then known as heroes. It seems sometimes that all someone has to do is to do their job better than expected or better than someone else does it, and they will be known as a hero. Being a hero these days only takes someone coming to another's aid, which could be almost anything as long as a life is being saved. In most cases that I know, the one who is the hero is also the one whose life is on the line. There are many people walking around today because of being saved by some real hero who came into their life and to their rescue, and oh what a wonderful thing that is and was. Remember that for the most part, heroes are a dime a dozen, until something truly great takes place.
     Okay now My children, there is One Person among the few Who I do consider to be a Hero, and that is The Person of The Lord JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST made a sacrifice for people who could not do it for themselves. He laid down His life and took on the punishment that each of you deserved upon Himself, which was in My Book, very courageous and oh so very heroic. When He thought about the horrible punishment that He would have to endure, He did not have to go through with it at all, but He did. He had to trust Me to resurrect Him after three days of being buried, which He did. There was and is no One else Who could have done what He did on behalf of mankind, and oh what a blessing that was and is. Now may you remember and be thankful for The Greatest Hero of all, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.