Friday, June 28, 2024

Allowing People to Be Themselves

June 28, 2023

"Allowing People to Be Themselves"

     One of the most difficult things I have trouble getting people to realize is the fact that not everyone in this life has to be doing the same thing as far as Spiritual or any other pursuit is concerned. One person might be more adept at doing one certain thing than another, but it does not mean that that person is any better than the other. As many of you know, some people are just naturally more talented as far as certain things are concerned than are some others. Some people are blessed with the ability to do more than one thing while some others are somewhat limited in what they can do. Even so, what the other group is able to do, they are able to do it very well. Some people are able to sing, whereas some others cannot carry a note, so to speak, but that does not make the one who can sing is a better individual. Some people are able to run faster than others, but that does not mean that there is something wrong with those who cannot run as fast. Some people tend to have a higher-than-normal intelligence and in their ability to achieve more, but it does not take away from those whose intelligence is not quite as high. 
     Now listen My children, just learn to let people be good and do well in whatever it is that they tend to be best at being or doing. Whether it concerns something Spiritual or not, it can still be important to a certain person in whatever their endeavor might be. I am not very keen on trying to get everyone to do and be the same when it comes to living life, or else one person could never find out what they might do or be better at doing than someone else. One person might do well as far as Preaching is concerned, and another might be better at teaching. One person might be good as far as being able to hear Me, some might be able to prophesy, and then there are some who are very good at interpreting what The Holy Spirit is saying. There are even some people who have the talent to be Spiritually funny and who can make people laugh without using the profanity that some other people use. In other words, My beloved, everyone has their niche in life, and blessed are you if you have found yours and can allow others to find theirs, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.