Friday, May 24, 2024

Stop Your Worrying

May 24, 2024

"Stop Your Worrying"

     I would like to know just how many of you have been successful when you have worried about something? I am asking that question because it seems that many people tend to think that it is productive for them to be worriers, but believe Me, that is not the case. As many of you know for yourselves, there are those who worry about their finances and whether or not they will have enough to meet all of their financial obligations. Many tend to worry about where their next meal will be and from where will it be coming. There are those as well who have their medical problems, so they end up worrying even more about their health which does them absolutely no good at all. Some people worry about where they are going to sleep, especially since they have no permanent place to lay their heads or no place to call home. And of course, there are those who concern themselves with what to wear, and as The Lord JESUS CHRIST said, they should not worry about such things.
     Therefore My darling children, how is that worrying going for you so far? How many of you have been successful by doing your worrying? What I would like to see more of you doing instead of worrying is to bring whatever it is that is worrying you to Us in prayer. I know that many of you do not think that I care about whatever it is that is worrying you, but believe Me, I do care. Because of what JESUS CHRIST has done to graft most of you Gentiles into Our family, care. Because you mean more to Me than any of the birds in the air, or any of the lillies of the field, I care. And because do not want any of you having to worry about anything in this life, care. Just know that your part in all of this is to trust, believe, and have faith in Us. Also remember that a little patience on your part will go a long way, and blessed you will be if you just stop your worrying, in JESUS' Most Precious and Holy Name.