Sunday, March 17, 2024

Vengeance Is The Lord's

March 17, 2024

"Vegenace Is The Lord's"

     Just as The Lord JESUS CHRIST knew the hearts of mankind and the evil within them, I too am keenly aware of the hearts of mankind. Now, there are those among you who think that you know what is in a person's heart, but the best you can do is to speculate or imagine what is in their heart. Unless you have been given a spiritual gift from Me to know, guessing what is in a person's heart is the best you can really do. There are those among you who try to predict what a person will do in the future by observing what they did in the past, but that idea is only guessing as well. As you might have read in My Word, the Pharisees and Sadducees were constantly trying to trick and manipulate The Lord JESUS in any way they could. But everything they tried to do was to no avail, because JESUS always knew when they were trying to trick Him, because He knew their hearts, but they just kept trying anyway.
     Now I have said all of this to try to release some of you from your desire to try and seek vengeance against certain people you might believe have done you wrong. When I say that vengeance is Mine and I will repay, I truly do mean it. I am The One Who knows why certain people might have done some of the mean, nasty, evil, and/or unforgivable things to you. Those of you who might want to seek vengeance against someone because of something they said or did, can just let it go and trust Me to handle it for you. I know the underlying reasons for why someone might have done something mean and disgusting to you or a loved one, and I know the best way to avenge you or your loved one. Your place in your spiritual walk is to forgive your trespassers just as I am to forgive you, and not to seek vengeance on people as so many tend to do. Many in fact have been hurt and/or killed while seeking revenge for themselves. Let those who have had ears to hear be at peace and learn to forgive, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.