Monday, March 25, 2024

To Love Truth and Not Lies

March 25, 2024

"To Love Truth and Not Lies"

     As many of you have come to realize these days, many people are not so much interested in the truth as they are in lies. Many people, in fact, would rather believe a lie, especially if the lie will tend to make someone else, that they do not like, look bad. Believing such a lie is bad, but what is even worse are the people who are responsible for instigating the lie in the first place, and believe Me, there is more this going on than anyone can imagine. It often seems as if the truth is offensive to people whereas the lie is not. A lie, depending upon who it implicates, can do irreparable harm to the person's reputation, character, credibility, and/or life. Another thing that can prove to be almost as deadly and/or as harmful to a person is gossip. Believe Me, My friends, to be a gossip is to be used by the devil, because nothing good or edifying comes from gossiping about others, and again, the one who begins the gossip is the one who is really in more trouble with Me.
     Therefore My children, become a seeker and a lover of truth, and not one who loves lies. I truly do abhor a liar because of all of the harm they can do to someone's life and/or reputation. Some lies can damage a person's life so much that it could take years to recover from it if they can recover at all. There has never been anyone as honest and as full of love as The Lord JESUS CHRIST, yet He was lied on and about time and time again, which is another reason why abhor a liar. I see way too much of this lying behavior going on these days, especially from those who should really know better, and that is a shameful thing to see indeed. My children, especially, should be lovers of the truth, but it can be disappointing just how many of them are instigators of beginning the lies. It is the truth that sets a person free and not the lie, and I need My children to remember that fact. Now may you who are Mine be lovers of the truth, in and through JESUS CHRIST your Lord and Savior.