Sunday, March 31, 2024

He Is Alive

March 31, 2024

"He Is Alive"

    Yes, My children, this is the day when, early in the morning I woke up The Lord JESUS CHRIST to once again receive His eternal life. And guess what? Because He was awakened or resurrected as many call it, you who believe in Him will also be resurrected one day. Even though at the moment your physical body dies here on earth, your spiritual self still lives and awaits the resurrection of your physical body. It might all seem somewhat confusing right now, but all you, as a believer in JESUS CHRIST need to know is this, you are guaranteed to live again unto eternal life because of what JESUS CHRIST has done on your behalf. I realize there are people who still believe even today that this whole resurrection of JESUS CHRIST thing is just a farce, but if it is, then where is His body buried? And if His body was moved as some have said, to where in the world has it been moved?
     So yes My beloved children, rejoice at the fact that your Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST has been resurrected and is once again sitting at My right hand. Though there are those who still refuse to believe this truth, pray that the eyes of their understanding be opened, for it is not My will that any should have to perish and go to hell, as so many obviously will. Today is a day of celebration of course for every believer because with the resurrection of The Lord JESUS CHRIST comes the hope and assurance that they will one day be resurrected as well. Also, as many of you already know, there are partakers of this day who are not really believers of the essence of what has transpired on this special day, but some of them will one day before it is too late. He lives, He lives, He lives is the cry that goes out around this world today, and blessed are all of you who do believe, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.