Friday, March 22, 2024

Forgiving the Unforgivable

March 22, 2024

"Forgiving the Unforgivable"

     One of the most difficult things anyone might ever have to do is to forgive someone who has committed the most heinous of crimes against you or a loved one of yours. This can be especially true it the person or persons who committed the crime or crimes, do not even have the common decency to show any sense of remorse or regret or any sense of wanting to be forgiven for the terrible and horrible thing they did. Yes, it is very sad to say, but there are those who can commit such disgusting acts and never even give it a second thought. Some people are so full of evilness and maliciousness that they might think it funny to hurt, injure, and/or malign others, as they tend to derive joy from what they do or have done to others. I would like for some of you to think today about some of the worst things that were done to you, and decide if you are able to forgive those who might have hurt you.
     Now listen to Me My children, some of you have been responsible for doing some of the most awful things there is to be done to someone, and you have yet to acknowledge it or to take responsibility for what you have done. And when you think about being forgiven, think about The Lord JESUS CHRIST Who has proven to be the Greatest Forgiver of all time. He even asked forgiveness for those who clamored for His crucifixion. Here He was, an innocent man Who had done nothing but good for the people, and yet He had to hear them screaming for His crucifixion. If there were any group of people who ever deserved to be condemned and sent directly to hell, it would have been that particular group of people, but The Lord JESUS asked Me to forgive them. So as difficult as it might be for you today, think about the person or persons you can forgive, even if they have not asked you to do so. Now may you be true learners and followers of JESUS CHRIST by being forgivers, and blessed you will be for so doing, in His Holy and Most Precious Name.